[Text]:  Most hair tends to stop growing at a certain point.  Braided eyebrows would be weird.  Soooo would a braided beard, especially one with flowers.  I think I’ll pass on that!  Hee hee.  I do kind of look like a castaway when it’s full.  I don’t usually let it get to that point.  Aaaactually, nude shoots or shoots that require less clothes actually require a lot more work.  You have to have full-body waxes, then there’s body make-up and oils and paint or whatever the photographer/company wants.  I freelance some because I know lots of photographers, buuut I do have an agency.  It’s a small one, but it’s made to deal with clients who need models quick and don’t have time to pow-wow with bigger agents.  Ooookay, so, no blanket…hmmm…how about Luna?  Like the moon but also kinda like Luna Lovegood from HP.

[Text]: Yeah, I know. So the city won’t be engulfed by everyone’s hair growth. I could also put plaits and beads in them to decorate. I think it would be adorable! Don’t you ever feel lazy and just want to let it grow for a few days? I do that sometimes with my leg hairs. I know but they must be naturally hairless or something. And they must not care when it’s other people putting things on them as opposed to them having to do it themselves. I guess that’s pretty helpful. I sit at the side of the street and wave a metal cup around my paintings. Oye, the name hunt’s making my head hurt.


"Chris said once that that kind of change isn’t really change so much as it is growth.  I think I’d agree with that.  Change can be negative, growth is a positive thing,”  Sochi stood, standing back on the swing and beginning to once gain move forward and back in a steady sway, “People are different, been through different things, deal with things differently.  There’s no real worse or better with that kind of pain, its not something you can really compare, BUT regardless, pain should never hold you back from always trying to be your best self.  That’s what I think anyways.”

"Doing that sort of stuff here is a little bit different.  The likelihood of ending up dead in a gutter or spending a lifetime in prison is slim.  Alls I’m saying is you can’t blame people for wanting to help but not knowing how or being able to"  He reached up and ran a hand through his hair, mumbling a little bit, "Though, a confession, I’ve done that before.  The first and only time I’ve been in a fight.  First…and hopefully only…time I’ve had to be bailed out of jail.  Chris called me the gay avenger."

He laughed a bit, getting an idea that might redirect her thoughts and, hopefully, make her smile.  He reached up to grasp the support bar for the swing set, hanging from the middle bar for a few seconds before pulling himself up so his stomach rested on the metal, arms holding his weight, “Up here I’m taller than you.  Bet this feels weirder.  Especially with all the people looking.”

Shrugging, she answered quietly, “Chris is a very wise guy. I wonder if he’s actually an old guy in disguise sometimes. Yeah, but sometimes it can be hard to differential what you can do versus what’s beyond your means, at least, it is for me. How can you tell the difference between fear holding you back and just plain old limitations? That makes it pretty difficult.”

"I think it really depends what neighborhood or city you’re in. Some wouldn’t really give a hoot what you did whereas others are so bad that you’d have a hit on you before the day is done," she answered, her brows furrowed "I can’t help it. Especially when I look at crime scenes and see something horrific had happened. And then when you interview the people around, they just sort of shrug and say, ‘I didn’t want to get involved.’ That sort of thing pisses me off."

She smiled slightly and swayed the swing so she could nudge him slightly before gazing up at him as he dangled from the swing.

"Actually, it’s pretty nice to be the short one for a change. Now get off before you break your neck. That’s something I can’t fix."


Scarlett smiled and messily kissed his cheek. “I love you too, Daddy!” she exclaimed.

He chuckled and replied, “Not as much as I love you!”


Ishiko laughed and said, “Of what? Reading?”

Smiling, he replied, “No, I mean of the entire set-up. It sounds quite lovely and it’s been a while since I spent a day like that.”

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Accidentally nudes (and I replied)



"W-w-w-w-w-w-what the h?!"


Cornelius’s eyebrows rose as he quickly texted Aisha, “My dear, did you mean to send those to me?”

Text:… You?


Text: My pictures weren’t enough?

Text: You were planning to send those pictures to me? W-why?


Text: Honestly, I want you in full form.


Blade looked at her as she spoke to him, his facial features and eyes telling the story of young Tommy Anderson in awe at the kindness and sympathy being shown him by a stranger.  However,  inside Blade was busting into laughs.  Yeah, connecting to the good memories…that’s me, he thought,   Mr. Fucking-Ray-of-Sunshine. Know what the best memory was?  Killing that fucking bastard with an axe right in between the eyes of his drunk-ass head.  Slice!  Still, it wasn’t as if the memory was a complete lie, and this girl was amusing him, especially since Epsilon hadn’t

"It’s better to move on from those kinds of things and, pardon my language, take life by the balls.  They might help define you, but they don’t have to stop you."  Blade said with a shy chortle, probably the truest words he would speak to her until such time he decided his cover wasn’t needed, "I want to be an art curator when I graduate, maybe work as a critic one day.,.so Art History gets me close to the art world.  You know, I’d actually really love to see your artwork.”

Actually, that last bit was the truth too.  Blade did appreciate art.  Though, what he didn’t say was that the art he appreciated the most were the pieces he and Sheath had lifted from the dens of wealthy socialites or took from museums like the one they were at now, swapping them with forgeries.

Blade reached out a hand to shake hers, giving a wide beam of a smile that said trust me, “Aurora, right?  It was Aurora?  Thank you for the offer, but I couldn’t impose on your hospitality!  It’s really too kind of you, though.  It’d be nice not to sleep on a rickety hostel bed, but I couldn’t accept.”

Rory looked at him, her eyebrows quirked in confusion at the contradicting expressions on his face. He looked genial but an unnamed emotion had flashed across his features for a fraction of a second. It had happened so quickly, she hadn’t had a chance to accurately identify it.

She shrugged and replied, “Honestly? I wholeheartedly agree with that sentiment. Who knows what you might be missing if you didn’t just plunge in, headfirst? That would be a really neat job. You get to choose all the artwork that’ll be put in the museum which means you get to look at unknown pieces.”

Her eyes lit up slightly at this subject. Art was a particular passion of hers, after all, and it was difficult to mask any of this from showing up on her face. Her cheeks were tinted pink with excitement, her gestures became more expansive, and her smile larger and more genuine.

Kicking her foot at the ground, she murmured modestly, “Oh, my art’s not that great. I’d doubt you’d be all that interested in it. And yeah, it’s Aurora but you can call me Rory. The only one who calls me ‘Aurora’ is my mother.”

Giving him a quick look over again, she added, “Hey, it wouldn’t be a bit of trouble. Yeah, it ain’t much but I’m sure it would be better than wherever you’re staying. And I’m not being hospitable, I’m thinking how it would be nice to have someone to complain about the house to who understands it completely.”

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[Text}: Oh well I'd try to keep a happy face. If she discovers that we're living in anything close to "squalor" she'll throw a fit haha. Oh yeah? Then you'll love him, he's a little cutie. I think he's about 4 now. {Half-mad Mun}

[Text: Aw, one of my favorite ages. They’re so adorable at that age. She might buy new plumbing.

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(College-Verse) [Text]: Oh and I don't mean to be an impulsive airhead buuuut I may have told Viv that she can visit next weekend. She wants you to meet Ollie...One of the childish persuasion.

[Text]: Oh, boy. Well, I look forward to meeting the little one. I love kids, how old is he?